Association "Samuel Widmer Nicolet’s Legacy"
The "Samuel Widmer Nicolet’s Legacy" association aims to promote the archiving and dissemination of the spiritual heritage of Samuel Widmer Nicolet.
It pursues this goal among other things with:
  • Collection, digitalization and archiving of all works; in addition to books, countless essays, poems, lectures, interviews, newspaper articles, audio recordings, etc.
  • Support and promotion of the distribution and marketing of the works
  • Dissemination of the teachings and vision of Samuel Widmer Nicolet
  • Support of further projects that serve the purpose of the association
Association board
Danièle Nicolet Widmer, Rebe 138, CH-4574 Nennigkofen (Co-President)
Romina Mossi, Rebe 267, CH-4574 Nennigkofen (Co-President)
Ulrike Epping, Zur Ruschweide 1, DE-24253 Prasdorf (Assessor)

Standing rules (.pdf) (in German)
Annual report 2019 (.pdf) (in German)
Annual report 2020 (.pdf) (in German)
Annual report 2021 (.pdf) (in German)
Annual report 2022 (.pdf) (in German)
Annual report 2023 (.pdf) (in German)

Butterfly wings

Suddenly I feel lonely.
Has love left me?
There comes a song flown to me,
and fills my heart with the Great.

Like from a butterfly wing
I feel softly striped,
reminds of the miracle of love,
to which the door is always open.

I entered through the gate,
to make me and all the loneliness
to lose again in her,
in the secret that calls us all the time.