The goals of the association are achieved with various sub-projects:

Project "CherryTreeBlossomsPetalWhite"

Collection, digitizing and archiving of works

All works by Samuel Widmer (audio and video recordings, printed and digital material such as books, articles, lectures, letters, essays, press material, seminar documents, paintings, etc.) are to be collected, digitised and archived.

Project "Aware of each blink of the eye"

Dissemination of teaching and vision

In addition to the archiving of all works, the second main goal of the association is the dissemination of Samuel Widmer's teaching and vision, for example through newsletters, publications in specialised journals, websites, etc. The association sends, in co-operation with the practice „Hof zur Kirschblüte“, bimonthly newsletters with texts from the works of Samuel Widmer.

Project "About the Innermost"


Selected works by Samuel Widmer will be translated into other languages.

Project "From the Innermost Heart of Mutual Being"

Documentation centre

A new website dedicated to Samuel Widmer's life, his teaching and works is to be created and maintained. This website will serve as a detailed documentation centre, where his various works will be available to everyone. This page will also be available in English.

Project "Dying is an Evening"

Active distribution of books and CDs

The works of Samuel Widmer are intended to be widely distributed on the book market by identifying newer channels. Audio books and English translations will be particularly promoted. More eBooks from Samuel Widmer's books are to be produced.

Project "About the Path with Heart"

New Basic Editions webshop

A new webshop of Samuel and Danièle Widmer's own publishing house Basic Editions will be created. This will bring clarity within the many works and facilitate the ordering process.
[This sub-project has been completed.]


You're aware of each blink,
every move of your being,
also of the truth of your heart
and the feeling, wonderful!

Unity reveals itself to you
on the path of clear vision,
all lead thee into the light,
the happiness of ageless fortune
befalls you. –