Samuel Widmer Nicolet left us an incredible treasure trove of works during his lifetime. The "Samuel Widmer Nicolet's Legacy" association has set itself the goal of ensuring the preservation and archiving of all his works on the one hand, and on the other and above all to promote the dissemination of his teaching in the world.

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Twint (CH)

Die Ewige


Thrice you have already touched me,
yet thrice I have escaped you.
You bring magic, when not the end,
a change towards the Great.
From the wondrous is spun
your due and your kingdom.

Your strike creates the thin thread,
on which the great things hang.
Only he who loves you
becomes free from fear,
close to the abyss, he lives the longest.
With powerlessness you know
how to urge us,
‘til inexistence becomes pure power.