Association "Samuel Widmer Nicolet's Legacy"
CH - 4574 Lüsslingen-Nennigkofen

Association board

Danièle Nicolet Widmer, Rebe 138, CH-4574 Nennigkofen (Co-President)
Romina Mossi, Rebe 267, CH-4574 Nennigkofen (Co-President)
Ulrike Epping, Vogelsang 37, DE-24340 Eckernförde (Assessor)

Contact us

Romina Mossi
Rebe 267
CH - 4574 Nennigkofen

Bank account

Berner Kantonalbank
Samuel Widmer Nicolets Erbe
IBAN: CH96 0079 0016 5825 3408 6
Clearing Number: 790


The poems (originally composed in German) and paintings on this website are all by Samuel Widmer Nicolet.
Glut der Liebe

Divine" Love

Do you know the longing
that can't be stilled with anything?
If complete devoted to her,
she herself becomes the answer
or the eternal question,
that touches the deepest in us,
spurs the highest in us.

She burns me,
Wipes me out.
And behold!
As soon as I am no more,
there is what after
all longing is stretching for:
the melting with YOU.