Samuel Widmer
Dear friends
Samuel Widmer Nicolet has created from 1985 until his death a compre­hensive lifework: 48 books on the subject of psychotherapy – here in particular on psycholytic therapy, "True psychotherapy" and "Tantric therapy" –, spiritual unfolding, our energy system, community and com­munity-making and the "warrior life". His works include discussions of and tributes to his most important teachers Jiddu Krish­na­murti and Don Juan Matus as well as philo­sophical reflections, poetic works, novels and children's books. He has also published nume­rous audio recor­dings, lectures, essays, interviews, etc.

Love, healing and community are the main themes in everything that Samuel Widmer expresses, written or oral.

It is important to us, that this great treasure, the testimony of a life rich with great passion, love and respon­sibility for humanity, his effort for personal and collective self-know­ledge, his commitment to the awakening of consciousness in the world, be preserved and made accessible to the public.

For us, Samuel's family, it is a matter of heart. Since we do not have adequate time and financial capacity for such a demanding task, we would like to collect the necessary means through donations.

So if you would like to help us make this legacy of Samuel's life, work and passion as a scientist, spiritual teacher, therapist, human being and lover available to humanity, you could support us with a donation.

The great happiness of a decades-long, intimate, conflict-free love relationship blooming in freedom between Samuel and me, the joint research about community, the concerns about the health of the world, the passing on of a "vision of humanity living together in love and peace" – all this makes me very happy and strengthens me. It fills me with great gratitude to see that the older of our children also begin to carry our common cause into the world as their own.

To be supported by you in all this would make us happy!

I greet you warmly from the heart of the Kirschblüte, in heartfelt solidarity of the passion for love and freedom

Danièle Nicolet Widmer and the whole Samuel’s family
Die Schöne

Dying, Death, Birth

Dying is an evening,
an autumn, a sunset;
death, however, is a morning,
a reawakening, a singing.

His calling is uplifting
and beauty full of the world sound.
What days you only borrow,
transforms night into a new beginning. –